Mason Tsai integrates prestigious jadeite with traditional myths to create a modern fantasy realm

Mason Tsai Timeless Jewel is a collection in which jadeite is combined with all kinds of jewels. Mason Tsai was invited to exhibit his collection at the 2017 China International Jewellery Fair, which is to be held in the first hall of the China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) in Beijing.

Mason Tsai always provides collectors with the key to enter his realm of purity, fantasy and magic beauty. This time at the fair he shall exhibit a new work: the dragon-turtle from the “Creative Inspiration” series. The mythological symbol of China is represented with colour shappires and jadeites, yet it still retains the traditional allegorical meaning of luck and auspiciousness. The valuable and rare highly translucent emerald green jadeite combined with icy jadeite form the back shell and the body of the dragon-turtle, while the yellow jadeite confers to the eyes a bright and piercing dimension. The tail is multicolored and is made with fire opal. To the eyes of the beholder it seems dynamic and life-like. The dragon-turtle has a mellow, full, and likable appearance, and is different from the traditional fierce nature of this mythological beast. According to Mason Tsai, in the past traditional jadeite was considered too standard and systematic, and typically it has always been associated with Pixiu, which is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature, commonly, but incorrectly referred to in the West by the Greek word “chimera”, but also associated with wealth and happiness. Mason Tsai decided to challenge the traditional animal, symbol of luck and auspiciousness. In order to do so, he has read many mythological stories, such as the Dragon’s Nine Sons and analyzed all the different postures of these mythological creatures. Thanks to the natural characteristics of jadeite, he has succeeded in creating a likable representation of traditional auspicious images.

The dragonfly brooch, of the “Universe” series, is a dynamic and life-like representation of a flying dragonfly. The body is made with muna jadeite; the wings are plated with black gold and decorated with diamonds. Every angle will reflect a different color and thanks to the accurate and meticulous craftsmanship, it goes well with any type of clothing. Apart from the brooch, there are also other pieces of ornament, like the hair-pin of the “Perfect Harmony:Jadeite And Diamond”. Moreover, the “Flying Dream: Butterfly Brooch” of the classic “Butterfly Dreams” series, thanks to the precise and meticulous craftsmanship of the artist, has succeeded in transforming a simple butterfly bow. In addition, by imitating the waves of a silk cloth, the artist has made it more lively and dynamic. The radiance and brilliance of the jadeite can be enjoyed from every angle.

This time the most successful piece of art at the fair was the “Knight of the Round Table” with emerald jadeite and diamonds, which is a symbol of the disenchanted and pure dreams of Mason Tsai’s innocent childhood. The knight is holding a precious sword made with yellow jadeite. The craftsmanship is so precise and meticulous that the knight’s armor and every joint seem to be moving. Furthermore, the sword can be pulled out of the sheath.  The original design was transformed into a piece of art in a year and a half, and every single detail is a symbol of how accurate and meticulous the craftsmanship of the artist is. The shield of the knight is made with a rare piece of highly translucent emerald green jadeite, and it can also be used as a ring or as a pendant. The shield symbolizes the concept of resilience, inflexible will, and defense. It might seem like the product of a child’s fantasy; however a knight at one’s side is also a symbol of protection. Due to the fact that the mines where jadeites are formed are increasingly scarce, the price of the highly translucent emerald green jadeite is increasing as well. An intact piece of highly translucent emerald green jadeite longer than three centimeters is extremely rare, therefore the price of this piece of art has a value of up to NTD 7.5million. 

Mason Tsai is a keen and subtle observer of nature as it manifests itself in his everyday life, through the artist’s meticulous craftsmanship and color arrangement, the product appears even more harmonious and coordinated. The “Quietly Observing All Sides: Green Jadeite Round Ring” from the “Universe” series is made with marquise diamonds: geometric figures are assembled together to create a circle, which not only symbolizes perfection and completeness, but is also full and abundant from a visual point of view. According to the imagination of the beholder, it could represent different symbols: such as the tail of a mermaid, a pineapple, or a pinecone. Mason Tsai believes that artists should know how to leave enough space for imagination, so that observers and collectors alike can give free rein to their fantasy, thus creating their own personal link with the work of art, so that each and every one of us can have a unique artistic experience.


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Mason Tsai Timeless Jewel Annual Image Video【Mason Tsai’s Neverland】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uugC3roLmtI