At the Shanghai World Jewelry Expo, Mason Tsai creates a fantasy: Neverland

From October 13 to October 16 at the Shanghai World Jewelry Expo Exhibition Hall, Taiwan jadeite design artist Mason Tsai’s own brand “Mason Tsai Timeless Jewel” works were invited to take part in the exhibition.

  Mason Tsai was born into a family of jadeite artists; in the jewelry industry he is known as a jewelry design artist. His works have a classical base with a touch of individual innovative design. He subverted traditional ideas, such as the fact that jadeite could be used only to carve Buddha statues, or the stereotype that with diamonds inlaid it could be made into a pendant or a ring. Mason Tsai uses his exquisite craftsmanship to create aesthetically beautiful pieces of art. His inspiration comes from nature, from all living things, and from his infinite imagination. His works are highly artistic.

  Since the establishment of the brand, his works have been sold in major auctions with good results, and for five consecutive years he participated in China’s three most important international jewelry exhibits. He has a unique artistic style and he attracts both domestic and foreign jewelry connoisseurs who compete to collect his works. In 2014 at the Sotheby’s auction, which attracts art collectors from all around the world, he exhibited a natural jadeite with colour shappires, 18K gold, and 520 black diamonds for a total weight of 7.29 karats, the “Great Sage Monkey” brooch was praised by international collectors, and also triggered a heated debate in the Chinese jewelry industry. That work was classified as a national treasure, just like the panda, therefore it was later called “national treasure monkey”.

  The theme of this exhibition is Neverland, a realm which is pure and beautiful for eternity. Mason’s creative process is a journey to explore Neverland, a personal journey of his inspiration and creation. Each piece of art is an invitation to enter Mason Tsai’s Neverland. When collectors wear Mason jewelry works, following their body’s natural swing, it’s like Mason Tsai’s works suddenly come to life, and in this way collectors have the key to enter this realm of purity and beauty.  Through his works of art, which go beyond space and time, he opens a life-long dialog between the artistic creator and the collectors themselves.

  “Splendid Dream: Butterfly Brooch” is Mason Tsai’s 2017 latest work exhibited for the first time this year at the Shanghai Expo. It is a part of the “Butterfly’s Dream” series, adding a touch of magic mystery to the world by fluttering and soaring high. Mainly made of jadeite, matching 18k gold, 162 black diamonds for the weight of 3.3 carats, with a final touch of colour shappires. A very bold and quite innovative design, which reflects the courage to present something new, carved and polished in every single detail with the meticulous craftsmanship of the designer.

  Another work in the exhibit is “The Transformation Of The Butterfly: Jadeite Butterfly-shaped Brooch”, which is also part of the “Butterfly’s Dream” series. It is actually the first work of the series and it is not for sale.

This work is a symbol of the beginning of individual aesthetics. The butterfly is made mainly with highly translucent emerald green jadeite, bright and translucent. The designer followed the veins of the jadeite and extended them into a butterfly-shaped piece of art, which seems to have a life of its own. At the two sides, the designers inset in the wings 145 diamonds and 123 colour shappires, with an 18k golden antenna on top. When people walk, the wings and the antenna of the butterfly slightly move, and to the eyes of the beholder it seems that the butterfly is alive in all its grace and elegance.

  The snail is another recurring symbol in Mason’s works. It is a metaphor of walking forward steadily. Traditionally speaking, snails would usually appear as a distinct and isolate artistic object. Mason Tsai always thinks outside the box and in “Leisurely Life: Carefree Snail Brooch” he decided to use what is known as icy jadeite for the snail, while he used gemsilica and highly translucent emerald green jadeite for the flower. The creation is very well-balanced the observer feels attracted to the snail’s elegant effort to climb up the flower. There is a strong vitality which emerges from this beautiful piece of art.

  Mason Tsai always thins outside the box, and made the audacious move to match jadeite with the idea of a scooter, by creating a mini-scooter. The proportions are identical to a real scooter, he used 273 diamonds, 52 black diamonds, and 5 colour shappires, along with highly translucent emerald green jadeite and black jadeite, which turns actually green under a source of light. The details are so meticulous, that it seems like a real scooter. Although it is a static product, it seems to reflect the designer’s aspiration to move forwards in an upright and dauntless way.